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NetNewsWire script: Open unread items in OmniWeb

I wrote a simple AppleScript to open all the unread items in the current subscription as tabs in a new window in OmniWeb.

Configuration choices

  • Mark items as unread after opening:
    • Yes
    • No
    • Ask
  • Pop up a dialog when your current subscription didn’t contain any unread items.
    • Yes
    • No
  • Ask for confirmation before the script opens above a certain number of tabs, to avoid slowing down OmniWeb by accident.

Why OmniWeb?

I use OmniWeb as my default browser in OS X, but I also use other browsers. I coded this specifically for OmniWeb because I can tell it to open a new window and open new tabs specifically, and you can’t do that in Safari without UI scripting, which I didn’t because a) I’m just not that good at AppleScript and b) it wouldn’t be portable to other browsers anyway.


Download the script. When you’re done, open the script up in Script Editor and configure the script by the values of the “properties” at the top. Save the script, switch to NetNewsWire, pick “Open Scripts Folder” under the Script menu and copy the script to the Scripts Folder.


Please send feedback to the email listed near the top and the bottom of the script.


You may do as you wish with the script, with a few exceptions:

  • You may not claim sole ownership of the script, or any derivate of it, as a whole or claim ownership of the parts of the script, or any derivate of it, that you did not write.
  • You may not profit from this script by selling it.
  • You may re-license any derivates you create of the script, as long as reasonable effort is taken to prevent the credit of the original author and owner from disappearing in a) the derivate and b) the derivates of the derivate, if allowed by the new license.

Furthermore, no kind of warranty, implicit or explicit, is given to the extent possible by law. You agree that I am not responsible in any kind for any effects of using or storing this script and its consequences, including data loss.