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Seldom has a feature been so clearly missing as transit support in Apple Maps. WWDC, the developer conference, seemingly skipped over any news on this exciting search mode. Waffle can today impart, expertly spotted, images hailing its arrival in a most unexpected place. For all we know, you could be staring at it, say in a foolishly revealing screenshot, as part of a WWDC session video.



  1. “Session seven one six eight forty five”

    But what does it mean?

    By Wesley · 2014.06.07 19:17

  2. Do I need to link to WWDC session videos too?

    By Jesper · 2014.06.09 01:00

  3. Looks like it’s been pulled.

    By Jake · 2014.06.09 17:49

  4. I didn’t think they’d go that far. It’s not a secret that they’re working on transit.

    I wonder if they’d done the same thing about the pre-iPad dictation dictation keyboard button I found two years ago. I also wonder if the presenters did it surreptitiously. It doesn’t seem like it.

    And just to complete the strong reference cycle, yes, this was the kind of thing I meant. And I should say that I did at no point take a screenshot of anything. From the above comments, you can see that what little directions I did leave barely made sense at all — which I guess is perfectly fitting for something Apple Maps related.

    By Jesper · 2014.06.09 18:23

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