WWDC 2014 Predictions

May 26th, 2014
  • OS X 10.10 introduced, and never once referred to as “OS ten ten ten”. Maybe as OS X Napa.
  • OS X gets iOS 7/8-like overhaul. No visible solids. Helvetica Neue out the wazoo.
  • iOS 8 makes substantial adjustments to the iOS 7 look.
  • iOS 8 gets back to introducing features.
  • Somehow, the iOS 8 multi-app experience is improved. One or more of:
    • better switching between apps
    • better communication between apps
    • some way of having lots of things going on productively on an iPad (or smaller, if possible)
    • some services/intents-like way of sending data around or doing things with data
  • One or more existing or new server APIs opened up for other/new platforms.
  • Siri API.
    • New speech recognition languages, including Swedish.
  • iOS-to-OS X AirDrop.
  • Changes to iOS text editing to improve its speed – gestures for arrow-key-like relative movement.