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WWDC 2014 Predictions

  • OS X 10.10 introduced, and never once referred to as “OS ten ten ten”. Maybe as OS X Napa.
  • OS X gets iOS 7/8-like overhaul. No visible solids. Helvetica Neue out the wazoo.
  • iOS 8 makes substantial adjustments to the iOS 7 look.
  • iOS 8 gets back to introducing features.
  • Somehow, the iOS 8 multi-app experience is improved. One or more of:
    • better switching between apps
    • better communication between apps
    • some way of having lots of things going on productively on an iPad (or smaller, if possible)
    • some services/intents-like way of sending data around or doing things with data
  • One or more existing or new server APIs opened up for other/new platforms.
  • Siri API.
    • New speech recognition languages, including Swedish.
  • iOS-to-OS X AirDrop.
  • Changes to iOS text editing to improve its speed – gestures for arrow-key-like relative movement.


  1. I’d like “Find Friends” to work with my Mac. I use my Mac way more than my iPad and it’d be nice to see where my wife and daughter are on my main machine.

    By Jim · 2014.05.26 04:26

  2. I could have sworn Find My Friends was already an iCloud.com thing, but I guess it’s not.

    By Jesper · 2014.05.26 07:15

  3. Brent links here and notes that he’s skeptical that some things will come to pass. So am I.

    Everything below item four (and some might say item three) is stuff that they should have gotten to a long time ago in some shape or form. On some fronts, they are now being left behind in comparison with other OSes, but regardless of that, these features are certainly worth doing just to make a better OS and please their own customers and developers. They are not feature boxes to tick or numbers to match on a comparison chart but actual problems to solve.

    Not mentioning which server API I hope for is weird, but I just wish something would happen in this space, and Michael Tsai reminded me the other day that they owe us at least one.

    By Jesper · 2014.05.26 07:22

  4. Why doesn’t anybody think they will just name it OS 11 ? If they completely change the appearance of the OS a new name may be justified

    By sander · 2014.05.26 08:08

  5. “Find My iPhone” works via the icloud.com site; “Find My Friends” doesn’t.

    Hoping for “iOS-to-OS X AirDrop”. Very un-Apple-like for them to have ever introduced a service like this — an iOS thing and a Mac thing that do the same thing and have the same name but don’t work together. :-|

    By Brian Ashe · 2014.05.26 16:43

  6. If they added nothing to iOS but Swype, or something very like it, I’d be a happy monkey.

    By Fritz · 2014.05.27 18:42

  7. Steve Jobs, when he introduced OS X in 2000 said, “This is the Mac OS for the next 15 years.”

    Time’s up in January. Time for a new name.

    By Eric · 2014.05.27 18:46

  8. @Sander

    Apple won’t change the first version number until the underlying architecture makes a major change. Look back at past OS versions for examples.

    By Ryan Christensen · 2014.05.27 18:49

  9. Touch ID API for third party apps seems logical to me. No more typing passwords for apps like 1Password, etc.

    By Matt · 2014.05.27 19:18

  10. More than swype, they should use Swiftkey which is just incredibly fast and accurate.

    By Clem · 2014.05.27 19:36

  11. Find My Friends for Mac AND iCloud would be lovely.

    Finally enabling http://maps.apple.com/ would be amazing too.

    iOS 8 with Control Center with a Cellular Data On/Off switch would be my personal favourite.

    Offline Siri.

    By esaruoho · 2014.05.27 20:18

  12. re: “gestures for arrow-key-like relative movement” …

    They already have this in Pages and it works super well. It’s one of Pages hidden secrets (because Apple, as they typically do, failed to actually tell anyone they are there). I’d love to see this in other apps, it makes typing in Pages yards better than any other app.

    By Mr. Bee · 2014.05.27 21:27

  13. OS X for ARM CPUs, and a MacBook Air using an A7 or A8 processor.

    Remember that the A7 was introduced as a desktop-class processor…

    By Pascal S. · 2014.05.27 21:49

  14. At WWDC 2009, Bertrand Serlet declared that Mac OS X 10.6 would have “No new features”, and the crowd went wild. Of course, he lied, and it did have a lot of new features, but overall the emphasis of the release was about polishing what they already had. Even today, with 10.9 out for more than half a year, 10.6 is still the third-most-popular release of OS X. It was that good.

    As a Mac developer, I really wish Apple would pull another “no new features” release. There’s just too many hot new features that almost work well enough to use. The new 10.9 features demo really well, but the APIs that have been around for 3 years (or 10 years) are solid enough that you pick them up and they work as expected the first time, and never break. I’ve come to expect that any 10.8- or 10.9-only feature will take me 3-5 times as long to use as a 10.6 feature. 10.9.0 had the worst graphics driver bugs I’ve ever seen on a Mac, and that includes 10.0!

    It’s been 5 years since 10.6, and I think once every 5 years is a good schedule for polish-only releases. They can update the visuals to look more like iOS, but all I really want for Christmas is an OS X that’s super robust.

    By Kyle · 2014.05.27 21:59

  15. How about selling something larger than 50GB of storage for iCloud, given that they sell 128GB iPhones. They know that SOMEDAY they’re going to sell 256GB iPhones right?

    By Glenn · 2014.05.27 22:16

  16. I’m a man of simple tastes.

    For iOS I’d settle for a tab key on the keyboard. And a Videos app that includes titles and a list view.

    For OS X I’d settle for a Finder that worked sanely and dropped most of the illogical crap that’s been added to it since about 10.1. And get rid of fscking Stacks!

    By David S. · 2014.05.27 22:35

  17. I’m really hoping one of the iOS 8 enhancements is quick reply.

    By Chris Chervenak · 2014.05.27 22:35

  18. Mr. Bee, absolutely do please elaborate : O

    By GRAG · 2014.05.27 22:48

  19. I want more NeXTSTEP features

    By Stefaan Huysentruyt · 2014.05.27 22:51

  20. I would love if they returned color the file name coding ala finder 10.8. The new tagging feature is interesting but absolutely destroyed my organizational workflow. Those dots are useless as a visual cue and being a creative type I rely heavily on visual cues to quickly sort and organize folders and files. Please apple, please.

    By peter · 2014.05.28 00:33

  21. One key reason why 10.6 Snow Leopard remans popular is that it’s the last OS X to support Rosetta. Folks saddled with PowerPC apps have nowhere to go. Others have older Macs that cannot run the later systems.

    Peace, Gene

    By Gene Steinberg · 2014.05.28 01:50

  22. Apple used to be the company of nailing the details. Getting the small things right. Lately, it seems like there’s more and more stuff that feels ignored, or abandoned. Instead of a smartphone, it increasingly feels like a dumbphone. Not because it doesn’t have NFC, or a fingerprint scanner, or multi-tasking, but because there is basic stuff that is just dumb. As if they don’t actually use iOS devices, so they’re not aware of the issues. I’d love if they just polished or fixed a few of the glaring but simple problems that are so overdue I’m almost apoplectic…

    • copy & paste calendar events on iOS
    • ability to add/delete names to groups in contacts on iOS
    • playlists using the same alphabetization scheme on mac, iPhone and iPad. so that the list of playlists appears the same on one device as it does on another. currently, they are often opposite (e.g. playlists with numbers are at the top of the list one one device and at the bottom for another).
    • ability to pin a playlist to the top
    • ability to be listening to a song and spontaneously be able to add it to the playlist of your choosing right then.
    • more intuitive ranking/ordering of search results, especially when search for a name. e.g. when i do a search for a person’s name, say “Sal”, then if there’s a Sal in my Contacts that result SHOULD come up first, before instances of “Sal” in another contact’s notes, or a contact with the word “salary” listed somewhere on it. But it doesn’t. Even when the item being searched for is IN A CONTACTS NAME, that doesn’t mean it with show up at the top of results list. i have no idea when algorithm they use, but the results are unintuitive and inconvenient.
    • a “skip back 15 seconds” button on ALL video players, system wide
    • way less white everywhere
    • make buttons and links more obvious (not just the lame option in settings that puts shapes around words, adds underlines to links and renders your system hideous.)
    • change the over dependence on words for navigation, using better icons and bringing a little joy and humanity back to iOS design
    • eliminate super thin fonts to increase readability throughout the OS (not just the lame option in settings that makes fonts bold and renders your system hideous.)
    • remove the color red as a random “theme” color in calendars app and make the baseline visuals more neutral. colors have meaning.
    • the list goes on and on and on. and it shouldn’t. these are not insane, advanced features being demanded. they are basic, logical items/fixes that should already be in a smartphone OS.

    By Michael · 2014.05.28 08:55

  23. also, David S., what’s wrong with stacks? i use them and think they’re helpful.

    By Michael · 2014.05.28 08:58

  24. Maybe premature, but in support of the move into Home Automation, an enhanced Automator that will let mere mortals script the behavior of their HA gear.

    AppleScript for iOS! (I know)

    By Rob Lewis · 2014.05.28 15:16

  25. 10.6 was also the last OS that shipped for two years. All later versions were replaced after just one year. Many users just stay at the version that shipped with their Macs.

    By Peter · 2014.05.29 03:04

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