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Rocky X.IIX

OS X Mountain Lion paves the pragmatic, useful middle path:

My favorite Mountain Lion feature, though, is one that hardly even has a visible interface. Apple is calling it “Gatekeeper”. It’s a system whereby developers can sign up for free-of-charge Apple developer IDs which they can then use to cryptographically sign their applications. If an app is found to be malware, Apple can revoke that developer’s certificate, rendering the app (along with any others from the same developer) inert on any Mac where it’s been installed. In effect, it offers all the security benefits of the App Store, except for the process of approving apps by Apple.

(As requested by Wil Shipley, who understood that long-term improvement for OS X users, developers and Apple does not hinge on Apple taking over markets but on OS X users knowing what they get.)

I also quite like what’s happening in Objective-C, and in text rendering in transparent layers.

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