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Who, When, Why

It’s meta time again and I’m going to talk about what’s going to happen to Waffle in a few days. I said I’d stop writing it for the time being and I still intend to. But I have no idea how that’s going to happen.

Who did I write for? I wrote for myself. I didn’t write for validation, which is a happy coincidence because, aside from a few posts, there ain’t much in it. I relish the comments because I like debate, but I’m not sure I would have been happy if I had received a lot of attention.

I can keep writing for myself, and forcing myself to write continuously for such a long period of time has been useful, but I need a break. (stmts will continue at its own glacial pace, covering its singular subject.) Probably, I’ll want to write again very shortly, but when I visited the front page just now, it did startle me that I hadn’t bumped the bottommost of the four posts to third page.

Some posts, very few, were attempts to follow a particular style or to actually seek out attention. Most of those fell flat on their face. Although I wouldn’t write some of them again, I’m not sure I regret having written them. It’s folly to think you could ever have a flawless record. Either you did something and you sucked at it occasionally or you didn’t do it at all. And you’ll certainly never know what people will take to. That’s the thing about people: they’re not you. (This is a good thing; if you meet anyone who tells you it’s not, run.)

So when exactly will levers be pulled and production cease? Not sure. Unless I say anything, I’ll never commit. I don’t know when the final post (for this round) will be posted, but Waffle will be well over by this time next week.

I keep saying “this time around”. I’m not sure Waffle will ever return. It might, but I have no plans for when, and I don’t want to make a big deal out of a three month absence. On the other hand, this isn’t “infosuicide” either. I have a vague reason why I’m doing this, and it might be the next post.


  1. Will waffle be sticking around or will you wipe it off the face of the net?

    By Olly · 2012.02.13 11:49

  2. Pursuant the outcome of Streisand v. Reality — and because I want to, of course — Waffle will still be around. Like I said, it’s not infosuicide.

    By Jesper · 2012.02.13 21:05

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