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  1. Wow. I want that translator for all my PR speak reading needs! Looks like it could be useful.

    By David R. · 2010.02.02 18:21

  2. Just to be clear, it appears that Koller is commenting on the iPhone rather than the iPad, no matter what John Gruber would have you believe. (Especially since it is an event that has already taken place, which would make it possible for Koller to comment, however ruthlessly optimistically, on its recorded impact, in the past tense. For reasons that should be apparent, zero games have currently been sold for the iPad.)

    By Jesper · 2010.02.02 20:30

  3. Koller is commenting on both the iPhone and the iPad, the whole Apple handheld platform. From the WSJ: “Rather than worry about more competition, however, Sony says bring it on. The Japanese consumer electronics giant says using the iPad for videogames will only whet consumers’ appetite for a dedicated device, like its PSP console. Blah blah blah.”


    By Blah · 2010.02.02 22:45

  4. Yes, but “has been” refers to observations. He made those comments on the 27th, the day of the iPad announcement. He didn’t refer to enough people running out and buying PSPs in the period between the keynote and his own interview, he referred to what had happened since Apple got into the “portable gaming space” (which may, but probably doesn’t, include Clickwheel iPod games).

    It may also be true that he made other statements about the iPad more specifically; statements that this post didn’t quote.

    By Jesper · 2010.02.02 23:40

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