Things Removed in Snow Leopard, FAQ

September 7th, 2009
  • No, I’m not bitter. I say good riddance to a great deal of the removed items, although clearly not to all. On the whole, a little spring cleaning and thriftiness is a good idea, even if the casualties are sad and sometimes just plain weird. And if you’re new here, I should point out that I do like Snow Leopard.

  • I started assembling the list because much of the focus was on either the dearth of visible “end user” features or the (great) developer features. Things have simply been yanked in Snow Leopard to a greater degree than in any previous Mac OS X release, and I didn’t find any other such list.

  • Yes, seriously, the snow leopard has blood on its mouth in the unretouched wallpaper version. Just compare, or try this version on for size. (These creatures don’t exactly survive on tofu and crackers.) And yes, it’s dark red or brown; the phenomenon is called “staining”, and you may want to look it up. If you’re still unconvinced, you may want to explain to me why else they’d go to such measures to actually remove it.

  • I don’t actually list every single minute removal. There’s far too many such changes to cover; the ones I do cover except for feature-or-larger removals are cute or prominent (like the controversial “nuh-uh” login window shake). If I listed the red side of the entire keyboard shortcut delta between 10.5 and 10.6, you’d fall asleep halfway through, and such a guide would be missing the helpful part (where they are instead). I accept comments listing such shortcuts on the original post, I just won’t put them in the list unless they’re significant.