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Things Removed in Snow Leopard

Updated continuously; please submit new finds in the comments, but read the FAQ first. Or, in other words, “This document will be updated as more information becomes available.”

  • PowerPC support
  • The blood on the signature snow leopard’s mouth, except for in the wallpaper
  • 32-bit screensaver support on 64-bit capable machines (in effect; it’s more of a replacement thing since loginwindow has to run under some architecture)
  • Cocoa Java runtime support
  • AppleTalk printing
  • Creator code adherence when opening files
  • Carbon project templates in the clean install of Xcode (they just don’t want you to start anything new)
  • Jam build system-based project templates in the clean install of Xcode (the Jam support has been removed)
  • Python and Ruby project templates in the clean install of Xcode
  • Distributed network builds in Xcode (although not shared network builds)
  • QuickTime Pro the “pay $29.99” nickel-and-dime model (sort of, and not QuickTime Player 7, which is maintained across upgrades and is available from the disc)
  • Support for QuickTime video digitizer plugins in 64-bit apps
  • Java versions 1.4.x and 1.5.x
  • AFP support for protocol versions prior to 3.0
  • ODBC Administrator as bundled (available online)
  • (“Plain”) HFS write support
  • Contextual menu plugin support in 64-bit
  • Quick Look generator support for non-bundle, non-package folders
  • The utility “AirPort Utility for Graphite and”– yes, “Snow”
  • The “nuh-uh” shaking login window behavior when you’re bound to a domain/directory and enter the wrong password (it’s still there when you’re not bound to a domain/directory)
  • Preinstalled developer examples (yes, they’re available online, but there’s no longer a bunch of them installed for you for playing around with)
  • Preinstalled local/offline API documentation (workaround)
  • ZFS support
  • iSync Palm OS conduit
  • dirt directory command line tool


  1. The lack of Developer examples is driving me nuts. Doing this via the Web makes it impossible to find stuff and is much slower. Admittedly most of the examples were trivial crap anyway, but all the more of them you need to look at or throw Spotlight on to figure something non-trivial out.

    By ssp · 2009.09.05 20:48

  2. Offline developer documentation is alive and well, it’s just that the download is hefty, and Xcode’s retrieval is not very failure-tolerant. On a fast connection it’s not a problem, and on a slow connection Peter Hosey’s workaround looks helpful.

    If by “removed” you’re including things that are available by download after the fact, you should perhaps include Rosetta and a pile of printer drivers.

    By Nat · 2009.09.05 21:08

  3. I meant preinstalled, and updated to make it read so. I guess you could argue that Rosetta, printer drivers and QuickTime Player 7 follow that same pattern, but they’re bundled on the disc and you can very easily opt into installing them; not so with the docs, whose offline versions were there before and now aren’t. Therefore: removed.

    By Jesper · 2009.09.05 21:23

  4. One more thing: Classic HFS write access. HFS disk images are now read-only in 10.6.

    Someone needs to write an HFS plug-in for MacFuse.

    By Darren Stone · 2009.09.06 00:38

  5. in leopard, when you typed a wrong pwd into the logon form it would shake. now it just prints up a message in crappy red :(

    By bg · 2009.09.06 10:59

  6. One more thing: contextual menu plug-ins in 64 bit applications

    By Adrian B · 2009.09.06 12:01

  7. I am surprised that there have been no comments so fart about the removal of the Python and Ruby templates in XCode. You can bring them forward yourself from older versions. But in a clean install they are nowhere to be found. And yes, I filed a radar on this durring the beta period.

    By Karl Kuehn · 2009.09.06 17:59

  8. For some inexplicable reason, Quicktime no longer has any user-changable preferences. For instance, I really enjoyed auto-playing any media file that I opened in QuickTime. No more.

    By Aaron Shekey · 2009.09.06 18:09

  9. Another app that’s missing: ODBC Administrator.

    By cd · 2009.09.06 18:09

  10. This is the second site (your linked site was the first) that has mentioned that API doc’s are not installed locally.

    My installation (granted was already there before the upgrade to Snow Leopard) has a bunch of API doc’s all stored locally on my machine. The update process is different from before, but isn’t so different that it might confuse someone into thinking that the doc’s are not installed locally.

    Now, maybe on a “clean” install, the doc’s are not installed locally. However, surely the process to get them downloaded isn’t so difficult that users have to resort to using the “workaround” method you link to.

    Am I missing something here?

    By Dave M. · 2009.09.06 18:20

  11. Another thing: Support for 32-bit vdig (QuickTime video digitizer) components in 64-bit apps. There was support for this in Leopard via a shim server process but it has been removed in 10.6.

    By Ken · 2009.09.06 18:33

  12. This is so minor: The Finder doesn’t interpret ~/.Trashes as the Trash anymore. No, it IS the trash folder, but the ONLY way to empty the trash is to click on the icon in the dock (well, Applescripts/etc should work too…). I have the .Trashes in my sidebar because it’s much less mouse movement-especially when using Universal Access.

    By Cycomachead · 2009.09.06 19:07

  13. AFP level 2.2 is missing in the AFP server daemon, too. So only AFP 3.x levels are left. Old machines can’t connect to Snow Leopard:


    […] AFP versions: AFP3.3,AFP3.2,AFP3.1,AFPX03 UAMs: DHCAST128,DHX2,Recon1,Client Krb v2,No User Authent

    By Götz Hoffart · 2009.09.06 19:32

  14. Dave M.: Besides having to wait for 400 MB of documentation to download (which even in the second best broadband-connected country in the world takes its sweet time to snaffle from Apple’s servers), the DocSet download process has been known to not take well to interruptions. You have to wait out a flaky process to acquire something at the exact moment when you’re likely to need it the most. There’s still online documentation, so it’s not that bad, but it’s a poor experience.

    I’m also quite sure that they just start downloading once you open the Documentation part of Preferences; which would be consistent with it being the source list from the old Documentation Viewer transplanted.

    By Jesper · 2009.09.06 19:52

  15. The ODBC Administrator is now offered as a separate download: http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/apple/macosx_updates/odbcadministratortoolformacosx.html

    By Mike Karolow · 2009.09.06 20:06

  16. Lots of behavior changes in the Finder and elsewhere. Here’s two: [1] double-clicking the toolbar of a window no longer minimizes the window to the Dock, [2] option-space in a Finder list view no longer highlights the first item in the list.

    By Clinton MacDonald · 2009.09.06 20:11

  17. I ran into the offline documentation issue at wwdc so I asked an engineer. Open Xcode, go to prefs, go to last tab to the right, click “get” beside each documentation package. Cha ching!

    By Tony Barnhill · 2009.09.06 20:21

  18. Clinton: I just minimized all my Finder windows by double clicking the toolbar. Verify that the System Preferences → Appearance → “Double-click a window’s title bar to minimize” setting is checked.

    By Jesper · 2009.09.06 20:25

  19. Tony: I did that, and see the rest of the comment thread; it’s the preinstalled copies of documentation that’s gone.

    By Jesper · 2009.09.06 20:27

  20. The “nuh-uh” shaking login is still there on my recently updated to 10.6 MacBook.

    By David Taylor · 2009.09.06 20:35

  21. My copy of Snow Leopard still gives the “nuh-uh” shaking login window when I enter the wrong password. It also does this from the fast user switching menu too (if I select a user that has a password).

    32-bit Intel iMac Core Duo.

    By Neil Daniels · 2009.09.06 20:37

  22. I still get “the shake” if I enter an incorrect password at login – should I not?!

    By Nick · 2009.09.06 20:42

  23. I am surprised that there have been no comments so fart about the removal of the Python and Ruby templates in XCode.

    I was wondering about that too. Disappointing if support for Python/Ruby is going away, especially since a sample Python app I created in Leopard and copied over to SL seems to build and run fine as a 64-bit app.

    By Brian · 2009.09.06 20:52

  24. For the people who want to see the blood, ArsTechnica has a copy.

    By Aaron Swartz · 2009.09.06 20:53

  25. One other thing that has changed is that Quick Look generators for folders are now forbidden. In Leopard they worked.

    By Ali Rantakari · 2009.09.06 21:06

  26. You cannot collate your applications in Spaces by pressing key C.

    By Zeusz · 2009.09.06 21:08

  27. I found it both updated my Quicktime and yet left my old quicktime pro in my utilities folder so I can open and edit with that.

    By ROGER · 2009.09.06 21:13

  28. Not earth shaking, but the context menu in Terminal no longer shows “Search in Google” when you right click on selected text.

    By Nigel Hall · 2009.09.06 21:33

  29. The most frustrating omission–which has completely destroyed my workflow is files no longer open in thier creator app. For example: make a png in Fireworks and another in Photoshop–they will both open in Preview. Sure I can change the default app but I don’t want my Fireworks files opening in PS or vice versa. Really frustrating when I want to open a folder full of txt files or graphic files in their original app. In one vile move OS X has gone from a document-centric OS to an app-centric OS. I’m very upset.

    By Mark · 2009.09.06 22:02

  30. It seems a lot of work was done to loginwindow and directoryservices. The red message only shows up on a network account, shakes on a non directory account.

    (As a note of something ‘added’, if a password expires on a network account, the new password that is created is now synced to the login keychain. Apple moved away from keeping the network login password separate from the login keychain password. Yes it’s “less secure” but the annoyance of users became too great.)

    By mattyohe · 2009.09.06 22:12

  31. “(”Plain”) HFS write support”

    Uh oh. This is a blocking issue for me, which means I won’t update this machine to SL (it’s a 32-bit MacBook with integrated graphics, so it’s not like I’m missing out on much), as I use a zip (and floppy!) drive to interact with an old Mac IIsi I’m keeping for nostaly gaming purposes.

    “Creator code adherence when opening files Carbon project templates in the clean install of Xcode (they just don’t want you to start anything new)” are not things I like much either, but at least I can live with them.

    By Pierre Lebeaupin · 2009.09.06 22:51

  32. QuickTime Player X: there is no menu option for doubling the window size, and the Command-2 shortcut is gone, too. (However, there are Command-1, -3, -4 and -5 shortcuts. Weird.)

    Loginwindow: Command-Option-Eject does not longer put the system to sleep. However, it does work from an open user session.

    By JMAS · 2009.09.06 22:53

  33. Burn folders are hidden. There’s no “New Burn Folder”. Now you’ve got “Burn X items” and folder is created behind your back.

    By kl · 2009.09.06 22:57

  34. JMAS: Since QuickTime Player 7 still ships with Snow Leopard, I consider QuickTime Player X a new product. If I didn’t, I could fill a post with the things they “removed” (didn’t reimplement).

    kl: There’s certainly a “New Burn Folder” command still available. I have no idea whether they work like 10.5 Burn Folders, though.

    By Jesper · 2009.09.06 23:14

  35. If there’s blood in that ArsTechnica image, it’s pretty damn subtle.

    By Henry Bowman · 2009.09.06 23:19

  36. mDNSresponder – all or nothing – cannot stop it without stopping all network services, Apple support article HT3789 is supposed give instructions on how to stop some elements of Bonjour (but it has been pulled by Apple). Brilliant!

    By daveberry · 2009.09.06 23:23

  37. Henry: Check the mouth. Dark red.

    By Jesper · 2009.09.06 23:34

  38. Aaron Shekey: You can get autoplay on open working with Terminal: defaults write com.apple.QuickTimePlayerX MGPlayMovieOnOpen 1

    By Jason Lower · 2009.09.06 23:47

  39. Add targeting iPhone OS 2.x. Xcode 3.2 only suports OS 3 or heigher.

    By Sean · 2009.09.06 23:51

  40. Directory Access removed from /Applications/Utilities; now found in /System/Library/Core Services

    By dano · 2009.09.07 00:46

  41. I’m looking at the Snow Leopard wallpaper on an EIZO colour-calibrated screen and I seriously cannot see any blood. All I see is some dark brownish areas on the mouth, but I can’t consider that “blood” by any stretch.

    Am I going mad?

    By Gerry · 2009.09.07 01:03

  42. “I am surprised that there have been no comments so fart about the removal of the Python and Ruby templates in XCode. “

    Apparently they decided that PyObjC updates frequently enough that it would be better just to let people download it from the PyObjC folks rather than providing stale materials on the DVD.

    Dunno about Ruby. Maybe it’s a similar situation.

    The removal of examples bothers me. It’s nice to have the ability to serendipitously find things of interest by looking through the examples. Having to search-and-download is a model that presumes you know what you’re looking for.

    (It also bothers me because I’ve recently been trying to go without a home internet connection.)

    By Jon H · 2009.09.07 01:28

  43. It is possible to target iPhone OS 2.x. You have to build with SDK 3.0 but can set the deployment OS down as far as 2.0. The app definitely runs fine on my 2.2.1 test phone.

    By Mike Casteel · 2009.09.07 01:29

  44. Here’s one: Quicktime X doesn’t have the A/V controls (brightness, saturation, contrast, speed, pitch, etc) which were present in non-pro QT 7.

    That’s unfortunate, as they’re useful. Heck, I’ve been wishing they’d add those controls to iTunes.

    By Jon H · 2009.09.07 01:34

  45. The ability for Safari to play embedded midi files without Quicktime 7 installed ( and I’m not even sure it works then).

    By Pete Marozzi · 2009.09.07 01:40

  46. I believe the RubyCocoa templates were removed because MacRuby will be the ruby implementation to use in the future.

    However, it’s not quit ready, but it does look very promising.


    By Chris Burke · 2009.09.07 02:26

  47. “Support for the Mac Wheel”

    By jrt · 2009.09.07 02:50

  48. Sorry, I was literally standing in line at a rollercoaster at universal studios. I didn’t see someone chimed in I’m the doc set because I was seeing caches copy of page in Newstand

    By Tony Barnhill · 2009.09.07 03:15

  49. Nope, still don’t see the blood on the snow leopard’s schnozz. I’ve looked at numerous incarnations of the pic, and some are definitely darker, like a different white balance was applied, or some other parameter was tweaked for the image as a whole, but I haven’t seen anything that truly resembles blood on any of them. Beginning to suspect that it’s in the mind of the beholder…if you want to see the blood, you’ll see it.

    By Victor Gavenda · 2009.09.07 03:34

  50. ZFS Support?


    By Rob · 2009.09.07 03:46

  51. Not sure if you consider this a “removal” but QT X doesn’t allow using the scroll wheel on the mouse to advance a movie frame by frame if the movie is the background window. QT 7 did. It’s very annoying this feature is not available.

    By Jim · 2009.09.07 04:03

  52. We’re talking


    right? I don’t see red of any kind, much less dark, and my monitor is calibrated. Is there some other URL?

    By Henry Bowman · 2009.09.07 04:06

  53. Perhaps I’m colorblind. Don’t see any red in that picture anywhere, dark or otherwise.

    By Steven · 2009.09.07 04:18

  54. Command-K removed in Mail for Erase Deleted Messages in All Accounts, replaced for no apparent reason by a goofy shortcut. Fixed by assigning Command-K in System Prefs.

    By David M. Converse · 2009.09.07 04:51

  55. @Henry Bowman yes that’s the right image, the blood is very dark and can easily not look like red depending on your screen/calibration.

    Here’s a nice comparison I made: http://pear.co.nz/images/snowleopard.html

    By Tim · 2009.09.07 04:54

  56. I don’t think we’ve had pre-installed doc that is current for quite some time.

    Developer Documentation is updated constantly, and dowloads are the only sensible solution. If it was on the disk it would be at least a month out of date, perhaps more. Much writing happens in that last 30 days. Add to that people who don’t buy on release, but later… they get even older docs.

    I believe that sample code is part of the downloads now. Although I’d needed to check with delivery to be sure.

    By Scott Anguish · 2009.09.07 05:09

  57. The only thing I really care about that’s missing is ZFS.

    By Dustin Sallings · 2009.09.07 05:21

  58. I wonder what setting is affecting the incorrect password “bounce”. I used to have the bounce on Leopard. With Snow Leopard, there is no bounce, only a red line of text stating my password was incorrect.

    By Daniel Corban · 2009.09.07 05:45

  59. Thanks for this neat and clean list of things removed

    By SD · 2009.09.07 06:37

  60. More on MacRuby:

    RubyCocoa and PyObjC were admirable efforts, but the approach they took could never let them reach parity with native Objective-C. Apple is sponsoring the development of a superior Ruby bridge, so it makes no sense to encourage developers to start projects in the obsolete bridge in 10.6.

    MacRuby is a new implementation of Ruby based on LLVM. It unifies the runtime data structures, so that every object is both a Ruby object and an Objective-C object. For example, the object represented by a string literal has both Ruby String methods and Cocoa NSString methods. MacRuby also adds non-standard syntax to make Objective-C method calls look nice.

    Thus, MacRuby is a Cocoa managed code environment done right. It’s still segfaulting at this point, but I eagerly hope to see it in 10.7.

    By David McCabe · 2009.09.07 08:25

  61. When I drag an email item to Mail.app’s search field, it no longer searches for anything; Leopard would present search results from that item’s sender.

    In SL Server, Apple removed support for Apache Axis and the WebObjects server interface.

    By DanielEran · 2009.09.07 09:02

  62. The “nuh-uh” shaking login window behavior oh no, I love that feature!

    By sk · 2009.09.07 09:46

  63. Dried blood is dark brown.

    So unless the snow leopard had just finished eating when the photo was taken you’re not going to see red, or dark red for that matter.

    I prefer the other snow leopard desktop image that they’ve included myself.

    By Michal Dobrzynski · 2009.09.07 12:24

  64. The options in the Airport Menubar icon when running PPPoE via Airport. Before, there were options to show time, status and to disconnect. These options seem to have gone away.

    By robroy · 2009.09.07 13:42

  65. Space and Shift-Space no longer page forward/back when viewing PDF’s is Safari’s built-in viewer.

    By P T Withington · 2009.09.07 14:16

  66. Thanks for keeping this list.

    How about the ability for the aluminum keyboards to control the frontmost application via the play/pause, last, and next keys (F7-9)? Now they both affect the frontmost app (at least VLC) AND affect iTunes (either launching it or starting play if paused). There’s no way to adjust the effect in either Keyboard or iTunes preferences.

    By Ethan · 2009.09.07 14:27

  67. (After Xcode has downloaded the documentation.) Lots of sample code in: /Developer/Documentation/DocSets/com.apple.adc.documentation.AppleSnowLeopard.CoreReference.docset/Contents/Resources/Documents/samplecode/

    By David Phillip Oster · 2009.09.07 17:41

  68. Creator code adherence when opening files

    W. T. F. This is a dealbreaker for me. Sorry, Apple, I’ll be sticking with 10.5 until documents open with the application that created them. You know, like they have for the past 25 years…

    Which is a REAL shame because I want… no, NEED… LLVM and Clang and ParseKit, but I do other things too, Apple!

    By Dan D. · 2009.09.07 22:22

  69. Re the creator code adherence: There’s some other place this metadata is supposed to be stored instead, now, right? Like the kMDItemCreator Spotlight attribute, or something. Please?

    I’m hoping that they just changed the mechanism by which files are associated with their creator application, rather than removed the ability to have files open in the app that created them. Feel free to dash my hopes if you have more info, though.

    By Daniel Axelrod · 2009.09.08 00:35

  70. Palm Support from iSync has also been removed

    By jason · 2009.09.08 02:25

  71. The application named Directory in the Utilities folder is also gone in 10.6 (not to be confused with the application named Directory Utility in the Utilities folder)

    dano mentioned Directory Access. In 10.5 it is called Directory Utility, and in 10.6 it is moved from /Applications/Utilities/ to /System/Library/CoreServices/.

    Also in /System/Library/CoreServices in 10.6 is the Ticket Viewer, which replaces the /System/Library/CoreServices/Kerberos application. Ticket Viewer removes the ability to see your service tickets, and only displays your ticket-granting tickets, sadly.

    The command “dirt” is gone (directory tool). I used dirt to test a username and password combination against every node in the authentication search path. I guess you could use dscl with the -authonly flag instead.

    By Arek Dreyer · 2009.09.08 05:03

  72. Also, new users will get the default for the Finder in 10.6, which is to not display “Hard disks”.

    I noticed that in 10.5, the default is to not display “Connected servers”. 10.6 removes “Hard disks” as well.

    To change this, in the Finder, choose File > Preferences, and click General.

    By Arek Dreyer · 2009.09.08 05:08

  73. I still get “the shake” if I enter an incorrect password at login – should I not?!

    You get the nuh-uh shake when logging in from the main login panel or via Fast User Switch. Waking up from the screen saver, you get the boring red text. I think it’s the same behavior as in Leopard.

    By Raghu · 2009.09.08 05:58

  74. Good riddance to displaying internal disks on the desktop. Maybe I’ll stop seeing people store their files in /.

    By David McCabe · 2009.09.08 06:55

  75. If you go to System Preferences, and “change desktop background” on my new MBP with 10.6 SL, the option to stretch, tile, or fill screen, seems to be gone!?

    By riccardo · 2009.09.08 08:25

  76. A rather innocuous feature that was removed was the ability to select “all keyboards” under modifier keys in the keyboard pref pane. This feature was notoriously buggy under leopard, so probably for the best but I find it somewhat annoying (yes, I swap my keys a lot… especially when gaming)

    By Jeff · 2009.09.08 18:38

  77. That dropdown didn’t even appear for me before Snow Leopard; it probably appeared selectively if you had several keyboards plugged in.

    The fill/stretch/tile option is still there when you choose a custom image.

    By Jesper · 2009.09.08 19:00

  78. I’m not seeing an ability to change the bit depth of my screens (‘millions’, ‘thousands’, etc).

    You can still set your screen to grayscale in Universal Access, but can’t downshift to 16 bit.

    By Jon H · 2009.09.08 19:11

  79. That’s long overdue as far as I’m concerned. You should be able to go up to higher (deeper?) depths, but the age of not using “millions of colors” regardless of the resolution is over.

    By Jesper · 2009.09.08 21:52

  80. How about iChat, ‘remember chat windows across restarts’ preference? Now it does it automatically which is kinda annoying.

    By will · 2009.09.09 00:34

  81. you used to be able to create an applescript to uncheck the “require password to wake from sleep” preference in order to run a script in the middle of the night, now unchecking it via applescript then moving the mouse or otherwise waking the computer causes just a black screen until you hard boot.

    By Luke · 2009.09.09 02:49

  82. 10.6 will not install to a plain HFS+ disk. It has to be formatted as HFS+ (Journaled).

    By Greg · 2009.09.09 06:48

  83. Java versions 1.4.x and 1.5.x

    That made me gasp, because either it implies that my aging 32-bit iMac will no longer have a pre-installed JVM, or that Apple has (surprisingly) taken the time to port Java 6 to 32-bit. Anyone know the details?

    By Uros Dimitrijevic · 2009.09.09 12:01

  84. Finder Workflows are gone from the contextual menu. If you made use of these in the past — and boy I sure did — you’ll have to replace them with Services.

    More here: http://systemsboy.com/2009/09/snow-leopard-impressions.html


    By systemsboy · 2009.09.09 15:01

  85. Thing Removed: Base 2 math in Finder (1kB = 1000 in Finder, instead of the traditional 1024)

    By Matthew Henry · 2009.09.09 15:15

  86. In 10.5 I used to edit down my photos by opening multiple photos in Preview and could delete photos I didn’t want from the sidebar by just pressing delete and the original file wouldn’t be affected. I would then copy and paste the remaining images from the sidebar into a new folder and would have my original folder with all of the images and a new folder with my favorites.

    In 10.6 I can’t delete photos from the sidebar without actually moving the original file to the trash. This is extremely annoying to me as now I’d have to make a duplicate of the original folder of my raw images every time I want to edit down to my favorites.

    By Eric · 2009.09.09 15:41

  87. Matthew: That’s just a change in behavior. Saying it’s been “removed” is being cute.

    By Jesper · 2009.09.09 18:36

  88. Preview has lost the “Match to Profile…” command under the Tools menu.

    By Jim Speth · 2009.09.09 19:46

  89. Also, no slow motion in Quicktime anymore, even with keyboard controls (JKL). As previously mentioned, the A/V controls that would display with Command K no longer do – and these also included the slow motion and faster motion (scalable from 0.5 up to 3 times).

    On a larger note, its likely that some of the things in this list will never reappear, and others will be put back with 10.6.x. Especially things like Quicktime that were a complete rewrite. Only if we complain loudly enough of course, as Apple seems to likes to keep things as simple as possible until we (the users) demand something more.

    By Michael Richards · 2009.09.09 20:47

  90. Also left out is the control in the Track Pad that used to say ignore the track pad when mouse connected. I’ve an older macBook and after installing 10.6, my cursor went ballistic, deleting and moving stuff and doing all sorts of nasty things. No way to control it. I’ve since retreated back to 10.5.8

    By John McBride · 2009.09.09 21:10

  91. The Software Update app no has a “Download Only” option under the Update menu item. This seems strange and really annoying.

    By Philip Widing · 2009.09.11 01:21

  92. QuickTime X itself does not support interactive panorama and object movies (QTVR). However, it apparently passes the data to QuickTime 7 to play. I’m not counting on QTVR’s return in 10.7. I’ll miss you, QTVR. Sniff.

    By Chris Glick · 2009.09.11 13:37

  93. Also missing is the ability in Preview, to save a PDF file augmented by adding PDF files to the currently viewed file by dragging and dropping into the Preview sidebar. Although drag and drop works, Save As does not save the newly augmented file, just the original.

    By Brian Goodman · 2009.09.11 18:25

  94. Preview doesn’t show the current page number & total number of pages of a PDF anymore.

    By Aaron Holtzman · 2009.09.12 17:48

  95. You can no longer check your e-mails while Mail is minimized. You could do this in Leopard by holding down the mouse button over the Mail icon on the dock and choosing from the context menu.

    By David Heyde · 2009.09.14 14:09

  96. The ‘Ignore trackpad when mouse is present’ setting in the Trackpad pref pane.

    Also, no more profiles under the Energy Saver pane.

    By Adam · 2009.09.14 14:10

  97. You can still check your mail from a minimized Mail.app dock icon. Just right click on the dock icon instead of left clicking and you’ll see the ‘old’ dock menu.

    By Kevin Morgan · 2009.09.14 19:10

  98. Safari seems to have lost its ability to save a Quicktime movie its playing, using the file menu -> save as. Quicktime X plugin.. is also missing its “Save As…” menu option.

    By Brian · 2009.09.15 03:51

  99. Quicktime Preference Pane!

    By Chaac · 2009.09.16 19:25

  100. Preview can’t merge PDFs anymore. In 10.5 you were able to drag PDFs in the sidebar of another PDF and save it as a merged PDF. That’s no longer possible, the save command acts on the first selected element only.

    Workaround: Drag the second PDF in the sidebar, select both PDFs and use “Print selected pages” to print them into a PDF. Unfortunately this removes features such as forms.

    By Ortwin Gentz · 2009.09.18 10:53

  101. The ‘Ignore trackpad when mouse is present’ setting is now in Universal Access pref pane (but probably isn’t on ‘GlassPad’ MBs & MBPs)

    By Adrian Clarke · 2009.09.18 22:22

  102. Adrian: No, it’s there on glass trackpad MacBooks too.

    By Jesper · 2009.09.19 14:46

  103. AppleScript Utility was NOT removed. It was MOVED to /System/Library/CoreServices and stripped of its GUI. It is still AppleScriptable.

    By Bill Cheeseman · 2009.09.19 14:52

  104. The inclusion of that item was debatable and with that evidence (the AppleScript dictionary being still there) I’m removing it from the list. For posterity, the original list item was “AppleScript Utility (settings moved to AppleScript Editor Preferences)”.

    By Jesper · 2009.09.19 16:30

  105. The thing I miss the most in Snow Leopard is the ability to quickly disable app languages individually. Now I have to open the bundle and delete the appropriate resource folders.

    And honestly, Quicktime X is a piece of crap. It’s true that Quicktime 7 contains legacy code dating back to the System 7 era, but it has been faithfully working. Hope they don’t remove it until Quicktime X can be a worthy replacement.

    By Guilherme · 2009.09.21 12:53

  106. The <sys/mtio.h> header file is gone. That’s the BSD Unix API for magnetic tape control. I never tested if that API worked on previous releases, but I had to stub-out some cross-platform code using that header for Snow Leopard.

    By Chris Newman · 2009.09.24 18:06

  107. For the previous comment, the header file sys/mtio.h is gone.

    By Chris Newman · 2009.09.24 18:07

  108. Fixed that, sorry.

    By Jesper · 2009.09.24 20:21

  109. I think the comments about combining PDFs are incorrect. You just have to drag the thumbnails to a different place, right on top of an existing thumbnail, because Preview can show two PDF documents in one window and puts thumbnails for all of them in the sidebar (as I think it could with images in the past).


    By Bryce Corrigan · 2009.10.06 21:32

  110. I just read about that on Mac OS X Hints.

    By Jesper · 2009.10.06 21:47

  111. Im’s sorry to hear that HFS “classic” (I didnt even know that was a phrase) write support is gone.

    As I support folks on machines ranging from 10.3.9 Panther through Tiger and Leopard, losing ability to write to disks in HFS mode, which Panther needs and Tiger and Leo can R/W access, is a major blunder by APple, in my view.

    By Bruce · 2009.10.08 03:27

  112. Bruce, I’m not really sure you refer to the right file system.

    What I call HFS classic is the original HFS that stopped being the default Mac file system in early 1998 in Mac OS 8.1. Its successor is HFS+/HFS Extended (yes, it’s called both, for reasons that are… unclear) which is still the current default file system and has been so for Mac OS 9 and the entire lifetime of Mac OS X. Anyone with a Panther, Tiger, Leopard or for that matter Snow Leopard installation will surely use HFS+ and not HFS.

    I was waiting for someone to make this mistake which is why I added the “classic” in quotes to pronounce that this wasn’t HFS+/Extended. If they’d actually removed write ability to their current default (and only recommended) file system, then yes, it would have been at least a major blunder.

    By Jesper · 2009.10.08 06:21

  113. It looks like they also removed the Rockwell font… which I was using >:(

    By bonecandy · 2009.10.14 06:14

  114. THING CHANGED: Apple + Shift + 4 now saves a screen shot to the desktop as “Screen shot 2009-10-23 at 2.06.12 AM” instead of “Picture 1” on Leopard.

    I wish they had a clue and implemented a small dialogue box that would pop up asking to name it… common Apple it’s common sense!!! Or at least a directory that we can save them to by default!

    By Kyle · 2009.10.23 07:09

  115. Where the hell is double-click on window name to minimize.

    By Erika · 2009.12.05 18:41

  116. It was 50 comments in.. too uch for a basic function.. thanks to By Clinton MacDonald · 2009.09.06 20:11.. you saved me my sanity

    By Erika · 2009.12.05 18:43

  117. At 116 comments, no one has mentioned the global control of Recent Items. Recent items list controlled in System Preferences now control iWork programs (Keynote, Pages, etc) and you can’t separate them. I don’t want them to show in the Apple pull down, but I DO want them to show and be controlled by each Apple application.

    Note, non-Apple apps aren’t affected by this anomaly.

    By Bardo · 2009.12.08 01:43

  118. I’m late to this party, but regarding Creator adherence: I’ve found that when I do Get Info on a file, and set the Open with… and press Change All…, files of that creator and type will be opened per my wishes. Files of the same type but created by a different program are not affected. In comment 29, Mark says: “Sure I can change the default app but I don’t want my Fireworks files opening in PS or vice versa.” I don’t actually think this will happen once you do Open with/Change All for one Fireworks file and one PS file. So Macs now behave like Windows except for the few situations that you set up to be like classic Mac OS. I think they have finally got it right, because let’s face it, we’ve all been frustrated by the classic behaviour. May my comment be stricken from the waffle if this is found to be untrue.

    By (kendall) · 2010.08.11 10:53

  119. What irritates me is REMOVING features that were so handy. In Preview 5 for Snow Leopard, when you select a handful of images and open them….and lets say you want to view them all at the same size as you flip through them via the sidebar. The Zoom To Fit function no longer works. You can zoom in manually on each one individually, but it doesn’t fit it to the screen, and more importantly, the manual zooming you did is lost as soon as you look at another image in the current batch. WTF APPLE!!!!! You guys make great computer but you REALLY do some STUPID STUPID things sometimes. Quit giving us toys like Cover Flow for my apps (or at least not at the expense of common sense) and don’t take away features that you obviously thought were useful in previous versions. It’s not as if this version replaced such functionality with a better way….you just removed it (correction, it’s still there, but it doesn’t work worth a flip).

    By James · 2010.09.29 05:58

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