iPhone MMS Coming

November 18th, 2008

Swedish MacWorld magazine reports [passably translated and accurate in the important details] a Telia executive’s confirmation that MMS will be offered for iPhone within two months. Update: a full manual translation of the article.

And the part of the world that realized that being able to send pictures to anyone whose mobile phone number you knew (like a grandparent), instead of needing to keep a lookup table with corresponding mobile email addresses and pressure those without to get one, rejoices.

Update: The original post left unsaid whether this was going to be in the iPhone OS or available as a separate application. My initial theory was that MMS is hard to do under the constraints of the SDK. It has since occurred to me that given a push notification service like the one delayed earlier this year and lots of custom server-side software on Telia’s side to basically relay MMS messages in a new way, similar to the new way Visual Voicemail (which curiously isn’t yet supported under Telia in Sweden either) relays voicemail messages, an MMS app could be made to work.

It occurs to me that this is still not only rabidly embarrassing for Apple but also uncharacteristic, especially given the attention paid to introducing Japan-only Emoji directly into the software. As baffling it may be to the Japanese that Emoji isn’t supported in iPhone right now, it is equally baffling to many more people worldwide that MMS isn’t supported right now. My guess is that if the answer is a Telia MMS app, it will roundly be obsoleted by iPhone OS support as soon as Apple can get around to it.

Moreover, I advise that the iPhone software platform must be opened.