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MWSF 2007 Countdown Widget

The Macworld San Francisco Expo (MWSF) 2007 countdown widget.

Start the new year in style by counting down to the Macworld San Francisco Expo 2007 keynote using the MWSF2007 countdown widget. (iPhone rumors sold separately.)

Update: A bunch of people have expressed interest into a generic countdown based on this. The thing is, this is based off a generic countdown – this is made with Apple’s Dashcode widget maker tool. Dashcode 1.0 is set to be released in the next major version of Mac OS X, 10.5 (“Leopard”), due this spring, but Apple has made available a Dashcode public beta (requires free developer account).

MWSF2007 Countdown is based on the standard Countdown template, but I’m releasing my Dashcode project without any strings attached whatsoever (hey, it’s Apple’s template and my chances are trivial) for those that want to start from that. (And before you ask, the widget does have “MWSF 2007” in editable text as two text “parts” called text1 and text2. They are made invisible and overlaid by an image of the rendered text, since the Myriad font is not available out of the box on Mac OS X and I’d like the widget to look the same.)


  1. A second “2007” renders on top of the image, with a different font, making it look funky.

    By Rasmus Ekman · 2007.01.01 15:10

  2. Cool.

    By Oliver Samuel Jeffers · 2007.01.01 15:26

  3. Also here problem with the MWSF 2007 text.

    By Toni Lampela · 2007.01.01 15:40

  4. Rasmus, Toni: Fixed; just redownload.

    I was using two text labels in Myriad in my own version but realized not everyone has Myriad, so I took a screenshot of it and overlaid the text labels and made them transparent. Except it turns out that Dashcode has a bug which at least this time caused opacity changes to not ‘take’. They’re properly hidden now.

    By Jesper · 2007.01.01 15:41

  5. it’s ok now. 10x for the widget

    By Adico · 2007.01.01 15:47

  6. Great. Thanks

    By Andrew Leitch · 2007.01.01 16:07

  7. Thanks, looks great now.

    By Toni Lampela · 2007.01.01 16:40

  8. Really nice! Good work! It would be cool if you could make it customizable… I’m looking a long time for a countdown widget like yours, but can’t find one… I really like the looks of your widget. Greets from Germany!

    By Jan · 2007.01.01 17:33

  9. Jan: While I could have created my countdown from scratch, I used a template in Dashcode. Dashcode is Apple’s tool for creating widgets and it’s not going to be officially released until the next Mac OS X version this spring, but Apple has put up a Dashcode beta that anyone with a free developer account can download. It’s very easy to use and you don’t need to be able to program to just make a countdown widget – I didn’t type a line of code for mine, for example.

    By Jesper · 2007.01.01 18:15

  10. Thanks! I just downloaded dashcode and will try to make my own countdown.

    By Jan · 2007.01.01 19:17

  11. Looks cool. Can we generate a picture with current time and give access to it using html somehow? I just really want to put that counter on my site, or livejournal community.

    By wpm · 2007.01.01 21:56

  12. WPM: Try including the mwsf2007-countdown.html file (and the prerequisites it uses, such as the javascript files, css file and numerous image) somewhere on your page and see. I guess if there’s demand I could try to make a “HTML include” for this.

    By Jesper · 2007.01.01 22:36

  13. Nice! Thanks for taking the time to set this up. My Mac’s counting down to MW. . . .

    By Matthew · 2007.01.01 23:38

  14. Am I missing something, or don’t we need the ability to choose our time zone?

    Thanks for the free widget.

    By slightrebellion · 2007.01.02 16:06

  15. slightrebellion: You shouldn’t need to choose the time zone. Apparently the time is stored with the time zone, and Javascript handles everything from there, translating it to local time and counting down to that. I was a bit surprised myself when I first looked at the code, but it makes sense and the widget is lighter and better for it.

    By Jesper · 2007.01.02 20:18

  16. Wow. Thanks for the info and the well written widget.

    By slightrebellion · 2007.01.03 10:33

  17. Any chance of making this a normal countdown widget? I really like the style of it

    By Josh · 2007.01.03 15:00

  18. Josh and anyone else wanting a generic countdown widget, see the updated post.

    By Jesper · 2007.01.03 22:21

  19. Your timezone has nothing to do with it. It starts in whatever time the widget says no matter where YOU happen to be located.

    By biru · 2007.01.04 04:48

  20. Thank you! Nice and clean widget!

    By Mykolas · 2007.01.08 20:08

  21. Nice! Thanks..

    By iXi · 2007.01.09 10:11

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