About That Crazy Steve Jobs Person and His Wacky Options Business

January 1st, 2007

Paul Thurrott managed to coin the entire situation: Steve Jobs is involved in the whole options mess and most of the Mac web is going either “so?” or “no he wasn’t”.

The options mess is a big deal regardless of what any of us may personally think. That Steve Jobs is involved is bad for the company, since the options mess is bad for the company. What speaks in Apple’s favor is that they started their own investigation, and that since they’re delivering it to the SEC in the form that they are, they had better make sure it’s correct or face even more charges.

Here is what’s factually correct: Steve Jobs is basically cleared of any bigger wrongdoings in Apple’s own investigation. That’s about it. That doesn’t mean that it’s not in Apple’s own interest to make damn sure that the investigation is correct in its entirety, because it is, very much so. There’s little doubt that if SEC does their own investigation and comes up with different stories, Apple’s in some deep, Zune-colored doody. But the peanut gallery may want to stop getting ahead of things and proclaiming that Steve Jobs “didn’t do it”. There’s a reason Paul Thurrott just totally used their toothbrush.

That said, I can’t wait for this one to become old news.