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The Ignorant Music Store

What kind of pan-EU store leaves out half the known European Union? I don’t know about you, but in my world, Luxembourg buys less music than Sweden.

Update: I am aware of the Euro issue. I’m not thinking that they won’t ever release stores for the rest of us (heh!). I know that they will probably release those later on, but if I’m bitter about anything, it’s that they couldn’t even make one or two non-Euro stores into the launch. I’m convinced that there are at least one more EU store that’s just waiting to be released, and that I hope it’ll be released alongside the Canadian store in November.


  1. But Sweden (along with Denmark, where I live), don’t use Euro… That, at least according to the Danish head Apple guy, is the reason for Scandinavia being snubbed.

    Yay conservatives!

    By Michael Heilemann · 2004.10.30 07:46

  2. If the argument for bypassing Sweden, Denmark and others is tied to the Euro, it’s a stupid one. Today Apple don’t seem to mind us paying in Kroner in their Online Apple Store, so why not in the iTunes Music Store.

    By Jesper Ravnsgaard · 2004.10.31 14:06

  3. Are you serious? Sweden is the sexiest country, ever! How could they leave it out?

    By Freya · 2004.11.16 02:54

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